USAFrance-puzzleSince 1995, I have provided clients with a full scope of services to respond to their international communication needs. My services cover the whole translation/localization process, from translation to editing and proofreading. Besides, thanks to my recent experience as in-house Lead Translator and Quality Specialist, I am able to enlarge my services, with Language Quality Assessment, Language Sign-Off, terminology consulting and Quality Assurance.


English to French translation & localization

When you start looking for a professional translator who can adapt your copy in another language and for another culture, ask yourself:

How long did it take us to get to polish the style, tone and message? How many people were involved in revising and approving this document? How important is it to our corporate image, reputation and bottom line?

Translating a document for publication means writing it anew, with the added twist that, as bridge-builders, professional translators have a double responsibility:

  • To the author/client by remaining faithful to the source text’s message and intent
  • To the target by expressing this in a language, in a structure and in a manner that respects their culture’s orientation for the original message to be properly received

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Areas of specialization

Most of my clients are in the following sectors or industries:

  • Communications & PR
  • Education & Research
  • Food & Beverage
  • Humanitarian
  • Information Technology
  • Internet
  • Management & HR consulting
  • Tourism


An editing round is essential if you want your translated text to read as the original and to make style and terminology consistent. Editing is a required quality check phase. Editing is also the guarantee that your text is fully understandable and “reads like French”, not as a translated text.

It may happen that the translator understands a sentence or a paragraph a certain way, which can prove wrong. And it is the job of an editor to check the quality of the translation and to make sure the text “follows the right direction”.

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It always pays to get a second pair of eyes (a third one if you follow the complete process of Translation-Editing-Proofreading) on the job!

Proofreading is the final stage of the reviewing process before delivery. That is why it is as valuable as translation. “Why?”, would you say “since I have hired the services of an editor who was supposed to check all that already. Did I spend the money in vain?” Absolutely not. But nobody being infallible, an extra pair of eyes will inevitably see something the people who worked on the file previously may have missed.

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Other linguistic services

The translation process includes not only translation/localization, editing and proofreading steps. It also includes specific Quality Assurance steps, such as Language Quality Assessment (LQA), and Language Sign-Off (LSO), and sometimes even terminology consulting services.

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Quality Assurance

As a small translation entity, you do not necessarily have the budget or the need for a full-time Quality Assurance manager. Hiring a freelance QA specialist may be the perfect solution for you.

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