Translation Corner

lost-in-translationWelcome to the Translation Corner. Here you will discover my professional universe.

As you will find out, translating is not a matter of changing a word for another. Translating is getting the essence of the source text (the original text) in order to write a new, fluent target text (the translated text) that reads like the original but above all, that reads like a French text.

Translators are professionals with a university background, and a solid professional experience, who not only are open to foreign languages but also to foreign culture, with good writing skills!

How does translation work?

Well, the translation process can be divided into three distinct and yet indissociable steps: the translation/localization step in itself, the editing step and last but not least, the proofreading step. As a professional, I provide all three steps since I believe the quality of the final text is of the utmost importance for you and your business.

I invite you to browse the three sections in order to make you a better idea of how I will process your job request.

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