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Is it just a slip of the tongue?

Cloudy future for Miami Marlins' manager

Cloudy future for Miami Marlins’ manager

Did Ozzie Guillen, the Marlins’ manager, know that he would make the (notorious) buzz, when he said during the team’s road-trip to Phillie that he respected Fidel Castro for having been able to remain in power in Cuba as long as he had?

I do not intend to quote neither the numerous comments, nor the later apologies from Guillen, because I do not want to offer a forum to this kind of event.
Yet, I cannot help but wonder what credibility people think their apologies can have to people receiving them. Are we so stupid as to accept apologies without wondering whether there was a thought behind the words? Isn’t it far too easy to say “well, no, it’s not what I meant. I did not mean to say that at all. I’m so sorry if I hurt you”? Today, it’s Guillen’s faux-pas, but it happens every day. Be it in public life or in private life.

I do not think one says such things if one does not believe them. Words can go beyond our control in the grip of hanger, and we can regret them almost immediately. It’s human. But it’s hardly understandable from a man of power–moreover from South Florida– to say such an outrageous remark.

“I feel embarrassed. I feel guilty not because I’m lying, but because this thing hasn’t let me sleep for three days. Only my wife knows how bad it’s been last few days. I feel very guilty, sad and embarrassed. Anyone who wants to be there, feel free. I want the Cuban people to understand what I’m going to say because everything I’m going to say is true.”, said Guillen.

Does it sound as hollow to you as it does to my ears?
But I’m eager to hear what you have to say for your defense, Mr. Guillen.